Circular Solar Phase 2 Grants Program

Application guidelines

September 2021
Environment Protection Authority
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Circular Solar grants program priorities:

  • Reduce solar panel and associated battery waste entering landfill in NSW.
  • Promote circular economy models for managing waste at end-of-life.
  • Increase the capability and capacity of industry to recover and reprocess end-of-life solar panels and associated large energy storage system batteries.
  • Improve the recyclability/reusability/refurbish potential by using high-value recovery and/or processing technologies.
  • Develop secondary markets for resources recovered from solar panels and batteries.
  • Update standards for reuse of solar panel and battery systems that are still functioning efficiently after being decommissioned.
  • Grow cost-effective recovery logistic models.
  • Partnerships that deliver end-to-end solutions across the whole supply chain.
  • Create immediate and ongoing job creation and economic activity.
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