Guideline on making exemptions under the Plastic Reduction and Circular Economy Act 2021

January 2022
NSW Environment Protection Authority
  • ISBN 978 1 922778 69 7
  • ID EPA 2022P4075
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  • Pages 14
  • Name 22p4075-guideline-on-exemptions-under-prce-act-2021.pdf

The Plastic Reduction and Circular Economy Act 2021 provides the EPA with a broad power to grant exemptions from any provisions of the Act or its regulations.

This document outlines:

  • guiding principles that the EPA may consider when using its exemptions power
  • key factors that the EPA may consider when deciding whether to exercise its discretion to grant, refuse, vary, revoke or impose conditions upon an exemption
  • the types of exemptions that the EPA may consider
  • phases of the exemptions process
  • key principles that the EPA may consider at each phase of the exemptions process
  • steps for the granting of exemptions
  • further information or advice regarding the EPA’s exemptions power.

This guideline is intended to be used by regulatory officers at the EPA who work on exemption-related matters, and to assist stakeholders that are thinking of seeking an exemption.

In general, the circumstances in which the EPA will consider it necessary or appropriate to grant an exemption will be limited. This is because the PRCE Act creates a framework of requirements to achieve positive environmental and human health outcomes, in support of a circular economy.

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