Renovating with timber? Choose the right product for the job

Including Timber Selection poster for your workshop

Treating timber with chemical preservatives protects it from damage by insects such as borers and termites, as well as decay from fungi. This extends the life of the timber and the ways it can be used. Some timber preservatives, particularly copper chrome arsenate (CCA), may harm people or the environment if not handled or disposed of properly.

October 2017
Environment Protection Authority
  • ISBN 978-1-925699-26-9
  • ID EPA 2017P0280
  • File PDF 2.5MB
  • Pages 3
  • Name 17p0280-renovating-with-timber-DL-brochure-chart.pdf

This brochure provides information on

  • selecting the right timber for the job
  • how to handle treated timber safely
  • correct disposal of timber offcuts and waste
  • how to protect yourself from toxic ash

This brochure is also available in Arabic (PDF 313KB) and Chinese (PDF 415KB)

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