Contaminated land management

Guidelines for the NSW Site Auditor Scheme (3rd edition)

The guidelines were first published in 1998 and have been updated to reflect changes in legislation and technical guidance, comments about the guidelines received by the EPA and the experience gained by the EPA through administering the scheme. These guidelines revoke the April 2006 edition of the Contaminated Sites: Guidelines for the NSW Site Auditor Scheme (2nd edition).

October 2017
Environment Protection Authority
  • ISBN 978 1 925688 23 8
  • ID EPA 2017P0269
  • File PDF 1MB
  • Pages 70
  • Name 17p0269-guidelines-for-the-nsw-site-auditor-scheme-third-edition.pdf

Guidelines for the NSW Site Auditor Scheme describes the obligations of site auditors in conducting a site audit and the administrative framework supporting the site auditor scheme.

The guidelines apply to individuals seeking accreditation as site auditors in NSW and accredited site auditors undertaking site audits in NSW. They may also be of use to other people with an interest in contaminated sites, such as contaminated land consultants and local councils, as guidance on what is expected of site auditors when engaging them or reviewing their work.

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