Update - Metropolitan Colliery's landslip clean-up continues

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) continues to regularly inspect the site of a landslip in Helensburgh following the issuing of a Clean-Up Notice to Metropolitan Colliery.

Since the landslip on Sunday 6 August, EPA officers have regularly inspected works to repair the landslip and clean-up of Camp Gully Creek and impacted areas downstream. The latest inspection was on Friday 18 August and officers observed that works are progressing well.

The area that slumped is not part of the mine’s active operations and was not being disturbed at the time of the incident.

Metropolitan Colliery notified the EPA immediately after the slip was discovered and EPA officers first inspected the site on 7 August. By this time conditions had eased and turbidity at the site and downstream had improved.

Since then, Metropolitan Colliery has installed a bypass for Camp Gully Creek as well as a barrier to keep the sediment in place as much as possible. A geotechnical engineer has also assessed the slope’s stability and developed a plan to prevent further landslips.

Some deposits of sediment have also been cleaned up from Camp Gully Creek and the Hacking River down to Red Cedar Flats.  

The EPA’s Clean-Up Notice requires the mine to urgently develop a plan and remove any remaining material from the creek, and to provide weekly updates on progress until we are satisfied the creek has been fully restored.

The clean-up and stabilisation work is anticipated to take several weeks. EPA officers will be conducting regular inspections to ensure the work is being done appropriately and promptly.

The EPA’s immediate priority is securing and cleaning up the landslip. An investigation will be carried out and regulatory action taken if breaches are found.