Noise Guide for Local Government

An updated Noise Guide for Local Government is now available to help councils manage common neighbourhood noise issues.

Read the Noise Guide for Local Government (PDF 3.4MB)

From barking dogs and humming air-conditioners to loud garbage trucks and construction sites, the updated guide provides clearer advice on managing a range of neighbourhood noise issues.

NSW EPA Director Environmental Solutions Sonya Errington said the updated guide supports NSW councils in the day-to-day management of common noise complaints.

“We know that neighbourhood noise can be an issue for residents, and we want to give local governments confidence to manage situations where noise becomes offensive or disruptive,” Ms Errington said.

“We’ve updated our previous guidance to provide the best advice to councils, including an overview of the legal framework for noise control as well as regulatory and non-regulatory options to manage the sources of common noise complaints.

“Our changes incorporate extensive feedback from community, industry and government and reflects recent legislative changes to the Protection of the Environment (Noise Control) Regulation 2017.

Noise sources covered in the Guide include:

  • agricultural noise
  • air conditioners
  • alarms
  • barking dogs
  • construction
  • garbage collection
  • industrial noise
  • motor vehicles
  • music venues
  • outdoor entertainment
  • power tools

View the latest Noise Guide for Local Government and a summary of submissions received public consultation at noise guide for local government.