New Clean Up Notices as Asbestos Investigation Progresses

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has handed two Clean Up Notices to Transport for NSW (TfNSW) and Sydney Metro, as part of its ongoing investigation into the discovery of bonded asbestos in mulch at Rozelle Parklands and other TfNSW infrastructure sites.

The two new Clean Up Notices are for locations along the Sydenham to Bankstown rail corridor and the Prospect Highway, and follows another that was issued to TfNSW on 12 January.  

These notices require TfNSW and Sydney Metro to complete a detailed site investigation and prepare a report to assess the presence of asbestos in any mulch used for landscaping purposes.  

Detailed site management plans are also required to ensure the locations are safe for their intended use, and that any potential asbestos contamination is managed to protect people’s health and the environment.  

As there is no public access and the use of these areas differs from the Rozelle Parklands, we have not mandated the removal of all recycled mulch at this stage. Remediation measures may be required depending on the outcomes of the reports.  

We have also issued a Clean Up Notice to the mulch supplier, requiring them to notify purchasers of their recycled product.  

We encourage consumers who have concerns about mulch they’ve recently received to contact our Environment Line or 131 555. 

For more information on the EPA’s investigation at Rozelle Parklands and other TfNSW infrastructure sites visit Rozelle Parkland asbestos investigation (