Suppressing personal information from the EPA public registers

In certain circumstances it is possible for some or all personal information to be suppressed (section 58 of the Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998). However, personal information will not be suppressed if the EPA considers that the public interest in maintaining public access to the information outweighs any individual interest in suppressing the information. The decision to suppress information or not only applies to the EPA public registers.

You can make a request to suppress personal information using the online form below or by email.

To help us assess your request, you should include:

  • details of what personal information you are requesting be suppressed from the EPA public registers
  • an explanation of why the licence or certificate holder believes that the publication of their information can affect their personal safety or well-being if not suppressed
  • an explanation of any other individual interest that may have in suppressing the information
  • evidence supporting your case, for example:
    • police report/s
    • court outcome
    • letter from solicitor
    • medical certificate.

Alternative ways to request a change

You can send your request via email to:

Request to suppress personal information from an EPA public register

Mandatory fields are indicated with an asterisk *

  • *The Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998 allows certain individuals to have their personal and privacy information to be suppressed to protect people whose position or occupation requires a high level of personal security or people who have a well-founded fear of violence or harm, for example, victims of domestic violence, police informants, judges, or senior police officers.