Risk assessment tool

The EPA developed the risk assessment tool to help licensees understand the EPA's risk assessment process.

All licensees are encouraged to use this tool to better understand the environmental risks that may affect the risk rating for their premises.

Identification of environmental risks allows licensees to consider environmental improvements that could be put in place to address and reduce the risk level of the premises.

If you have any questions regarding the risk assessment tool or results, please contact the Environment Line, on 131 555

Tool and user guide

The EPA recommends licensees refer to the risk assessment tool user guide when using the tool to ensure they apply it appropriately. If you have any questions regarding the risk assessment tool or its results, please contact the Environment Line on 131 555.


  1. The risk assessment tool and its results are for the user's information only. Results generated when using the risk assessment tool are not recorded or reported back to the EPA.
  2. Formal risk assessments will always be undertaken by an EPA officer in consultation with the licensee.
  3. The environmentally sensitive zone maps, referred to in question 6b of the assessment of incidents or unplanned events, are provided for the assessment of determining whether a site is located in a groundwater sensitive zone. The maps are provided for this specific assessment and should not be used for any other purpose. The maps are available for download
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