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  7. Only Members may transfer credits using the On-line Credit Exchange Facility. To become a Member you must be registered by the EPA. To be registered, you must complete an ‘Application for Membership – On-line Credit Exchange Facility’ form and forward it to The EPA for approval. Once the membership form is approved and the EPA has, by notice in writing, issued to you a username and password login, you will be able to use the On-line Credit Exchange Facility, in accordance with:
    1. the Credit exchange facility terms and conditions (PDF 126KB).
    2. the rules, laws and licence conditions applicable from time to time to the Hunter River Salinity Trading Scheme (‘the Scheme rules’).

      The Credit exchange facility terms and conditions (PDF 126KB) and the Scheme rules may be amended, deleted or otherwise modified from time to time by the EPA. It is your responsibility to make sure you know about those changes.
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