Automatic mutual recognition

Information about automatic mutual recognition, making it easier for tradespeople and registered professionals to work in other states with a single licence.

As part of national reforms aimed at making it easier for registered professionals to work interstate, a range of NSW tradespeople and registered professionals will be able to work in other states with a single licence from their home state under recent changes to the Mutual Recognition Act 1992 that commenced from 1 July 2021.

Temporary exemptions from AMR

Many occupational registrations are temporarily exempt from the AMR scheme to enable NSW regulators and stakeholders to transition into AMR. These temporary exemptions allow time for the smooth and successful implementation of AMR to ensure consumer and environmental protection, and the health and safety of workers. Read more about NSW temporary exemptions.

Exemptions continue to apply for all EPA administered registrations within scope of AMR.

These are:

EPA administered registrations are due to be included in the AMR scheme by the end of 2022, except for contaminated land site auditors and consulting radiation experts (CREs) which are due to be included in the AMR scheme by 1 July 2023.

Current mutual recognition arrangements remain unchanged.

If you are a NSW licensee and want to take advantage of automatic mutual recognition in another state or territory, you should contact the relevant regulator in that state or territory.

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