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  • Chemical Control Orders (CCOs) - for an up-to-date list of CCOs, consult the Historical Notes section of the Environmentally Hazardous Chemicals Act 1985 from the NSW Legislation website. As at 2 September 2004, the following five CCOs are in force and were published in the Government Gazettes referred to below
  1. Dioxin contaminated waste materials (Government Gazette No 44 of 14.3.1996, p 1182)
  2. Aluminium smelter wastes containing fluoride and/or cyanide (Government Gazette No 49 of 21.3.1986, p 1293)
  3. Organotin wastes (Government Gazette No 25 of 24.2.1989, p 1148; see also correction notice Government Gazette No 32 of 17.3.1989, p 1431)
  4. Scheduled chemical wastes (Government Gazette No 139 of 30.4.2004, p 2283)
  5. Polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) (Government Gazette No 66 of 20.6.1997, p 4686)

For more information, including electronic copies of the CCOs, see Chemical Control Orders.

Burning of Bio-material

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