Our 7 divisions focus on the various aspects of environmental protection and regulation.

Office of the Chief Executive Officer

The Office of the CEO provides administrative services and strategic communications for the CEO and is the main point of contact, both internally and externally. It includes the Media, Communications and Engagement Branch. 

Legal and corporate

The Legal and corporate division provides:

  • legal support and expertise
  • litigation
  • employee relations support
  • governance, risk and planning
  • audit and regulatory assurance.

Regulatory practice and environmental solutions

The Regulatory Practice and Environmental Solutions Division provides:

  • expert, evidence-based advice and technical expertise for air, water, noise, chemicals, radiation, waste
  • expertise in regulatory practice, including gas, forestry and contaminated land
  • data and insights experts to help us to anticipate future risk and lead interventions to deliver better environmental outcomes.

Regulatory policy, initiatives and advice

The Regulatory Policy, Initiatives and Advice Division:

  • leads the EPA's strategic and regulatory policy functions for all issues that fall within the EPA's remit, including air, water, noise, forests, contaminated land, waste, chemicals, dangerous goods, gas, pesticides and radiation
  • collaborates across governments, communities and our First Nations People to identify emerging issues and to influence and deliver leading edge policy solutions to improve environmental and human health outcomes for the people of NSW.

Regulatory operations – metro and regional divisions

The two Regulatory operations divisions:

  • oversee regulatory and compliance operations, including incident response and investigations, across contaminated land management, waste, hazardous chemicals, radiation, forestry, gas operations and licensed activities
  • manage key stakeholder interactions with regulated industry, other government departments, peak bodies, environmental and community groups
  • contribute to the development of regulatory practice policy, strategic initiatives and programs at state and local levels for all regulated communities and activities.

Engagement, education and programs

The Engagement, education and programs division works across government, industry, the community and First Nations to drive change through influencing, engaging, educating and enabling stakeholders in order to protect and enhance the environment for future generations.