Organisation structure

Our 5 divisions, along with our Corporate Affairs Branch, focus on the various aspects of environmental protection and regulation and prevention of human harm.

Strategy and Policy

The Strategy and Policy division:

  • leads the EPA's strategic and regulatory policy functions for all issues that fall within the EPA's remit, including air, water, noise, forests, contaminated land, waste, chemicals, dangerous goods, gas, pesticides and radiation
  • collaborates across governments, communities and Aboriginal People to identify emerging issues and to influence and deliver leading edge policy solutions to improve environmental and human health outcomes for the people of NSW
  • provides financial and funding management oversight and management for all EPA
  • supports the EPA to be an inclusive organisation that has trusted and meaningful relationships with Aboriginal people.

Programs and Innovation

The Programs and Innovation division:

  • supports the EPA to prioritise and manage resources to deliver the most impact through a transparent, integrated and collaborative approach to project delivery
  • develops and delivers a range of stakeholder training and education campaigns to support projects and programs
  • identifies priority and emerging issues through stakeholder engagement, research, and horizon scanning utilising data, spatial and data governing expertise
  • manages major contracts designed to support a circular economy, e.g. Container Deposit Scheme, household problem waste services.

Regulatory Practice and Services

The Regulatory Practice and Services division:

  • provides expertise through practical and simple technical guidance to help industry and the community minimise or prevent harm, guiding behaviour change, campaign design and implementation, incident management, and technical advice
  • improves regulatory practices and processes to focus our efforts, addressing the greatest risks to human health and the environment
  • coordinates engagement with scientific, research and community partners to deliver timely and robust evidence to underpin our policy, program and regulatory approaches
  • develops citizen science and local environmental monitoring initiative to engage communities and council on local environmental issues.


The Operations division:

  • oversees regulatory and compliance operations, including incident response and investigations across contaminated land management, waste, hazardous chemicals, radiation, forestry, gas operations and licensed activities
  • manages key stakeholder interactions with regulated industry, other government departments, peak bodies, environmental and community groups
  • contributes to the development of regulatory practice policy, strategic initiatives and programs at state and local levels for all regulated communities and activities.

Legal, Governance and People

The Legal, Governance and People division:

  • leads litigation work for the EPA
  • delivers the EPA’s legislation program
  • builds a strong constructive culture and capability focused on enabling the EPA strategy and purpose
  • develops and delivers policies, processes and programs focused on wellbeing, health and safety
  • provides training, information and support on matters relating to EPA governance, performance and risk.

Corporate Affairs

The Corporate Affairs Branch:

  • leads Ministerial media and engagement, relationship management and engagement strategies for all EPA stakeholders
  • drives strategic partnerships with industry
  • leads community dialogue and public consultations
  • leads marketing campaigns designed to drive behavioural change
  • drives social media management and content.