Disclosure log 2022

The disclosure log sets out information about formal applications released under the GIPA Act that may be of interest to members of the public.

Under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act), agencies are required to keep a record (a disclosure log) of information about formal applications received.

The disclosure log sets out information that is released under the GIPA Act that may be of interest to members of the public, and is available on request by contacting

Ph: (02) 9995 6099 or (02) 9995 6497
Email: gipa.privacy@epa.nsw.gov.au
Locked Bag 5022,
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Disclosure log 2022

Reference no.

Date the application was decided

Description of the information and the type of release (full or partial)

GIPA EPA762 13/04/22 Full release – Farmborough Heights and Kembla Grange, 2526. Odour complaints reported from the above areas from 01 January 2016 to 01 January 2021.
GIPA EPA763 22/02/22 Full release – Williamtown management area - Documents detailing additional conditions or requirements for construction of land within the site. For period from 01 January 2015 to 21 January 2022.
GIPA EPA780 10/03/22 Full release – Report ‘Yambulla State Forest – Yellow-bellied glider population viability analysis
GIPA EPA781 22/03/22 Full release – 414-416 Princes Highway, Sylvania. Reports ‘2018 Caltex Sylvania Heights Service Station UPSS Validation Report’, and ‘Remediation Action Plan - Caltex - 414-416 Princes Highway - RAP 2019 – DA
GIPA EPA782 30/03/22 Full release – A letter from the Minister for Energy and Environment to Goulburn City Council dated 16 November 2021, in relation to Energy from Waste (EfW) Infrastructure plan, Southern Goulburn-Mulwaree precinct.
GIPA EPA784 14/04/22 Full release – Broula King Mine (EPL 12845). Documents in relation to the site for period from 2012 to February 2022, including notices, directions, annual returns and correspondence in relation to management of water.
GIPA EPA787 04/04/22 Full release – Blakebrook quarry, 550 Nimbin Road blakebrook (EPL 21610). Location maps.
GIPA EPA788 31/03/22 Full release – Statistical data for 2020 and 2021 vehicle noise complaints.
 GIPA EPA789 11/04/22 Full release – a copy of the site-specific biodiversity condition for Pimelea bracteata and its accompanying letter; report “Population management plan – Bago Plateau Yellow-bellied glider” by Forestry Corporation of NSW, dated 2013.
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