Litter composition by volume

The graphs in this section show the composition of litter volume data recorded by the study in 2021-22, reported as the number of litres per 1000m2.

Most-littered items

Other food packages, water bottles (under 1 litre) and flavoured water/fruit juice drink/soft drink bottles (under 1 litre) are the top three most-littered item types, accounting for over 30% of all litter volume.

The top 10 individual items account for 58% of all litter by volume.

Litter by category

The container deposit scheme drink containers and takeaway and beverage categories account for more than 70% of all litter items by volume.

Litter by material

Over 67% of the litter was plastic. The next-largest category was paper/cardboard (13%), followed by glass (10%).