Human health risk assessment

In March 2024, NSW Health convened an expert advisory panel (Panel) to assess the potential risk to human health from asbestos contained in mulch that was identified at Rozelle Parklands and other locations.

The Panel considered the results of an independent human health risk assessment undertaken by Environmental Risk Sciences Pty Ltd (enRiskS). The human health risk assessment considered a range of factors including sampling methodology, the form in which asbestos was contained within the mulch (bonded or friable), the amount of asbestos and air quality. The assessment compared the measured asbestos concentrations in mulch to conservative soil quality national guidelines (National Environment Protection Measures).

The Panel found that the asbestos was not in a form that would likely become airborne or inhaled by the public. The Panel also concluded that the mulch posed negligible risk to human health or to the users of the parklands and the off-site community.

Read a summary of the report: Human Health Risk Assessment: Rozelle Parklands – Summary (PDF 450KB). The complete version of the report will be uploaded when investigations and legal matters are concluded by the EPA.