Willingness to pay for reduced litter and illegal dumping

Stated preference research

The purpose of the study is to inform policy analysis, particularly cost-benefit analysis (CBA), of government actions that could reduce litter and illegal dumping. CBA of alternative actions requires monetary estimates of the costs of litter and illegal dumping.

February 2022
Centre for International Economics
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This study estimates willingness to pay (WTP) for a range of different reductions in litter and illegal dumping, including:

  • reductions in the proportion of places that have noticeable litter
  • reductions in the amount of litter at places with noticeable litter
  • reductions in the frequency with which people see illegally dumped waste, and
  • reducing litter and illegal dumping to zero.

It estimates how these values vary across different types of sites, including both natural and built environments, across different types of litter and illegal dumping, and across different states. It also estimates the personal characteristics that are most correlated with WTP to reduce litter and illegal dumping.

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