Draft NSW Waste and Resource Recovery Infrastructure Needs Report 2017-21

The EPA's Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery (WARR) Strategy 2014–21 sets targets for the diversion of waste from landfill, increasing from 63% in 2010-11 to 75% by 2021.

To achieve this target, significant investment is required to develop the infrastructure needed to process the increased volume of waste forecast to be generated across the state.

The draft NSW Waste and Resource Recovery Infrasturcture Needs Report 2017-21 was developed to complement the Waste Less, Recycle More initiative and the WARR Stragegy, both of which run until 2021, and to assist councils and the waste industry  to understand and plan for the infrastructure needed to process the increased volumes of waste expected by 2021.

The EPA ran a series of 10 consultation workshops and webinars on the draft report across NSW from September to November 2017. This 10-week consultation yielded 27 submissions, representing over 165 organisations. 

Issues raised in the submissions fell into five broad themes

  • comments on the accuracy of data used in the draft and requests for clarifications and data updates
  • the need for increased collaboration between government departments
  • the need for market development
  • the need for longer-term waste projections
  • the need for a longer-term strategy to plan beyond 2021

A clear message from consultation submissions was the need for a longer-term strategy than the 2021 timeframe of the draft report.

The EPA acknowledges that a forward-thinking waste strategy is needed to provide long-term solutions to ensure NSW is prepared for the future. The NSW EPA is leading the development of a 20-year Waste Strategy for NSW in partnership with Infrastructure NSW. The Strategy will set a 20-year vision for reducing waste, driving sustainable recycling markets and identifying and improving the state and regional waste infrastructure network.

The EPA will work closely with stakeholders including local government, industry, experts and the broader community to ensure the Strategy has a robust evidence base and addresses the key priorities for waste and resource recovery for the state. Consultation submissions on the draft needs report will be considered in this process. It is expected that the Strategy will be complete at the end of 2019

Review the consultation paper (PDF 944KB).


For more information contact the NSW EPA's 20 Year Waste Strategy Team


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