Bin Trim tool for reducing business waste

Bin Trim is a free online portal to help businesses measure their waste, and find out how to waste less and save more.

Bin Trim pro app

worker with a paper compressing machineIt’s never been easier for councils, waste professionals, and industry experts to use the Bin Trim pro app to help their clients and stakeholders to reduce the waste they generate and achieve circular outcomes.

Reducing waste can help your business clients to attract more customers, achieve sustainability credentials, improve staff motivation and reduce costs. More than 38,000 businesses have diverted over 145,000 tonnes of waste from landfill with Bin Trim. 91% of Bin Trim businesses would recommend Bin Trim to other businesses.

Use Bin Trim Pro on behalf of your clients to conduct waste assessments, track material inputs and outputs, identify and record recycling contamination, identify circular opportunities, recommend actions and track improvements over time. 

You can also use Bin Trim Pro to access waste and recycling data from various industry sectors and locations at the click of a button.

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