Bin Trim business stories

Over 38,000 businesses in NSW have already cut costs and reduced waste sent to landfill through Bin Trim. See some examples of the EPA works in partnership with businesses to increase recycling and save money and resources.

Ways businesses have saved money and protected the environment

Escarpment Group

Three Escarpment Group hotels in the Blue Mountains – Echoes Hotel, Hydro Majestic and Lilianfels – collectively diverted over 1,600 wheelie bins full of food waste from landfill each year.
Download case study (PDF 342KB)

Uprising Bakery

Since purchasing the composter, Uprising bakery in Newcastle has halved its general waste bill, saving $100 each week.
Download case study (PDF 313KB)

Horgans Furniture

With the purchase of a cardboard shredder, this furniture and homeware wholesaler is now enjoying great return on investment.
Download case study (PDF 302KB)

Paramount House

The Paramount Hotel located in the heart of Surry Hills has become Sydney’s first zero-waste hotel.
Download case study (PDF 323KB)

Furnware Group

With the purchase of a new baler, this hardware supplier company now saves at least $1,000 per month in waste collection services costs.
Download case study (PDF 316KB)

Vicinity Centres

Bin Trim helped Bankstown Central operations manager, Asaad Ibrraheem, show retailers where they can make a difference with what they recycle.
Download case study (PDF 337KB)

Bi-Rite Electrical Goulburn

By working recycling into its daily routine, Bi-Rite Electrical Goulburn has increased its waste diversion from 0% to 80% - and saved $5,366 a year on waste.
Download case study (PDF 274KB)

Globe Home Timber & Hardware

With help from the NSW EPA Bin Trim program, Globe Home Timber & Hardware is diverting large amounts of waste from local landfill – a meaningful achievement for this community-conscious business.
Download case study (PDF 356KB)

Cumberland Country Golf Club

Purchasing new equipment has turned a high-volume waste problem into a win for this golf club.
Download case study (PDF 503KB)

Flemish Flavours

A fresh focus on waste has helped this restaurant reduce food costs without compromising quality or customer service.
Download case study (PDF 571KB)

IIIawarra Area Child Care

The Bin Trim program helped the Illawarra Area Child Care become more sustainable, provide educational opportunities for children and reduce running costs.
Download case study (PDF 604KB)

Pallet Collars

With help from Bin Trim rebate, this family-owned timber packaging business is recovering 90% of their wood waste and saving on waste removal costs.
Download case study (PDF 540KB)

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

On-site worm farming has turned an expensive waste into compost and fertilizer for the club’s extensive grounds and gardens.
Download case study (PDF 600KB)

Sustainable Salons Australia

Sustainable Salons Australia collects 95% of the waste from member hair salons and turns it into innovative and valuable products.
Download case study (PDF 480KB)

The Good Guys Rockdale

A simple Bin Trim waste survey, and the right equipment has opened the door to thousands of dollars in savings.
Download case study (PDF 443KB)

Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club

An all-encompassing food waste recycling system is helping Warilla Bowls and Recreation Club maximize kitchen space and save on waste.
Download case study (PDF 438KB)

Westfield Liverpool: Scentre Group

Site-specific waste assessments for shopping centre retails outlets have led to huge waste savings for this large shopping centre.
Download case study (PDF 485KB)

Yumaro Incorporated

Bin Trim helped this social enterprise to become sustainable for the long term. Yumaro Incorporated has been able to scale up its operations and the results are outstanding for all involved.
Download case study (PDF 452KB)

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