NSW Forest Agreements

As part of the NSW Government’s commitment to regulatory modernisation, the Forestry Legislation Amendment Act 2018 repealed provisions in the Forestry Act 2012 that made NSW Forest Agreements prerequisites for Integrated Forestry Operations Approvals (IFOAs).

 IFOAs set the rules for how forestry operations can be carried out on state forests and Crown timber lands in NSW. The amended Forestry Act now provides for the creation of IFOAs without the need for a NSW Forest Agreement.

The NSW Forest Agreements largely duplicate the Regional Forest Agreements (RFAs) between the NSW Government and the Commonwealth. The amended Forestry Act has removed the requirement to maintain duplicative policies and reporting and review processes.

The NSW Government has decided not to renew the NSW Forest Agreements for the upper north east, lower north east and Eden regions. These Agreements will lapse on 4 March 2019. Any outstanding issues continued in these instruments will be rolled into other mechanisms.

Letting the NSW Forest Agreements for the upper north east region, lower north east region and Eden region lapse will not affect environmental protections or timber supply, nor will it impact on the design, management or implementation of the IFOAs.

NSW Forest Agreements were developed in consultation with major stakeholders and provide a framework for long-term management of native forests. The agreements:


The four NSW Forest Agreements are

Implementation reports

Annual forestry snapshot reports  provide an overview of the management of the NSW public forest estate, progress towards ecologically sustainable forest management, and achievement of milestones and undertakings made for NSW native forest regions. The reports also summarise the EPA’s compliance and enforcement program for native forestry operations, and any regulatory action taken. 

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