Private Native Forestry Code of Practice

The Private Native Forestry (PNF) Codes of Practice (the PNF Code) establish a regulatory framework for the sustainable management of forests, guiding private native forestry operations in NSW. They are the key document against which the EPA assesses compliance of native forestry operations on private land.

The PNF Codes

  • contain provisions to maintain and/or improve environment outcomes and
  • sets minimum operating standards for harvesting in private native forests

The Code is divided into 4 parts with each part applying to an area of NSW

  • Northern NSW
  • Southern NSW
  • River red gum forests
  • Cypress and western hardwood forests

A field guide has been developed for each of the PNF Codes and is designed to help operators apply the relevant Code during operations. Additionally, silviculture guidelines have been developed to provide essential information on ecologically sustainable forest management to owners and managers of native forests on private land. 

The Codes, field guides, and silviculture guidelines can be found on the LLS website.

Note: References to the Environment Protection Authority (EPA) in the Private Native Forestry Code of Practice should be taken to refer to either the EPA or Local Land Services (LLS).

Review of the PNF Codes of Practice

The native forestry regulatory framework is subject to ongoing reforms intended to modernise native forestry regulation and ensure the long-term ecological sustainability of native forestry in NSW. 

For further information on the PNF Review, see

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