Conducting private native forestry

The NSW Government has developed guidelines and videos to provide further information to operators and landholders conducting native forestry operations, and to support compliance with the PNF Code of Practice

Note: On 30 April 2018, Local Land Services assumed responsibility for PNF approval and extension services. The EPA retains its role in relation to monitoring of compliance with the PNF Code of Practice, and related enforcement activities. See more information on these changes or contact LLS for matters relating to PNF approvals.

The NSW Government's technical video series provides information on a range of issues including constructing drainage features and roll-over cross banks, silviculture and protecting threatened ecological communities.

Videos 1-5: Protecting threatened species and their habitat, old growth forest and rainforest.

Videos 6-9: Threatened ecological communities

Videos 10-13: Tips on constructing different types of drainage

Video 14: Removing earth windrows to avoid soil erosion

Videos 15-18: Constructing a roll-over cross bank

Videos 19-22: Constructing and using simple infrastructure such as log and timber bridges

Videos 23-25: Snig tracks and log dumps

Videos 26-29: Silviculture and forest management

There are also introductory videos for people getting started in private native forestry.

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