Litter prevention strategy for NSW

The NSW Government is serious about reducing litter. The Premier has made it a personal Premier’s Priority to reduce litter volume in NSW by 40% by 2020, one of 12 Premier's Priorities. To meet this target, we are working hard with councils, businesses, state government agencies and the community.

To guide these priorities the NSW Government has released the NSW Litter Prevention Strategy (PDF 786KB), a first for NSW. This is accompanied by the NSW Litter Prevention Implementation Plan 2019-20 (PDF 108KB).

Changing the thinking on litter

Nearly all of us think littering is unacceptable, but some of us still do it. The NSW Government wants to change our thinking and behaviour, and make it easy for the community to report littering.

Under Waste Less, Recycle More, an additional $30 million of funding for 2017–21 has provided millions of dollars of funding to councils and community groups and build on NSW’s other litter prevention work, including the successful Don't be a Tosser! campaign.

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