Independent expert report on re-use of excavated soil on Barangaroo

The redevelopment at Barangaroo is one of the largest urban renewal projects in Australia. The site is controlled by an EPA licence held by the Barangaroo Delivery Authority (BDA). The site was filled with building waste during the 20th century and extensive site investigations revealed contamination, including asbestos, located in the soil on the site. It was always proposed that soil from Barangaroo South and Barangaroo North would be re-used on site in the creation of the Headland Park at Barangaroo North. Strict limits were set on the levels of materials in the soil that were reused in Headland Park to protect future generations using the park. Work on those sites was subject to asbestos management plans that were reviewed by SafeWork NSW.

Due to the observed levels of asbestos in soil at Barangaroo South in 2012, the EPA engaged an independent public health expert, Associate Professor Dr Tim Driscoll, from the University of Sydney’s School of Public Health, to review the proposal to reuse soil in the making of Headland Park.

In preparing his report, Dr Driscoll met with the BDA, its contractors Lend Lease and Baulderstone (who have since been acquired by Lend Lease), Unions NSW, the on-site work safety committees for Barangaroo South and Barangaroo North, the Sydney Ports Corporation, maritime unions, nearby businesses and nearby residents.

Dr Tim Driscoll provided his report to the EPA. The EPA has accepted the findings and recommendations of the report and worked with BDA and its contractors to implement them in a timely manner.

Download the report The use of Asbestos-contaminated Soils on Barangaroo (PDF 460KB).

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