Regulated stakeholders roadshow

As part of the roadshow, regulated stakeholders will have opportunities each year to meet, discuss and ask questions with EPA senior staff.

After each roadshow we will be sharing the key outcomes so check below for updates.

Coming up in 2022

The Executive team will again be talking directly with councils, licensees and other regulated stakeholders at these planned locations.

Sydney city

30 March


5 April


28 April

Wagga Wagga

10 May

Batemans Bay

17 May


24 May


26 May

Port Macquarie

2 June


7 June

Previous roadshow

At the February and March 2021 roadshow our CEO and Executive members were able to update stakeholders on our key regulatory priorities and to discuss local environmental topics.

We asked what attendees thought of our draft Regulatory Strategy as part of a broader public consultation. The discussions were invaluable, and the final Regulatory Strategy was released later in the year.

During the sessions we discussed local environmental matters including waste management, contaminated land, planning and development and emergency and incident management. This provided an opportunity to have constructive conversations and start identifying and understanding key issues. We heard many new ideas for how we can also collaborate better. Participants were happy hearing about the new EPA structure and strategic initiatives as well as the functionality of the Hub.

We also heard from stakeholders that they would like to collaborate more with us, working together to learn and build capability. We have made several changes to respond to the feedback, including updating guides and increasing engagement opportunities. 

At the forums we heard the roadshows were a positive and valuable opportunity for open and honest conversations.

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