Barangaroo Hickson Road Remediation

Barangaroo is a former industrial site, located on the north-western edge of Sydney’s central business district, which contains contamination from historic activities as a landfill and the old Millers Point Gasworks. Barangaroo Delivery Authority, and its contractor Lendlease, are cleaning up this historical contamination.

Site investigations at Hickson Road have found contamination, including coal tar, in the soil. Due to the nature of these contaminants, the excavation and removal of contaminated soil at Hickson Road has the potential to generate odour, as well as dust and noise. 

To minimise dust and odour impacts on the community during the remediation, works will be undertaken inside tents. However, odours may still be experienced near, or downwind from Hickson Road during remediation. 

Unpleasant odours can affect quality of life and may cause health effects like headaches and nausea. In most cases, the chemicals involved in this remediation that may cause odours will not have more severe health effects. Any person concerned about their health should consult their doctor.

The remediation at Hickson Road is regulated by the EPA. The EPA is closely monitoring odour and air quality at Hickson Road. Odour and air quality monitoring is being undertaken at and around the remediation to ensure the community is protected from any odour impacts. 

The EPA investigates all reports of odour and encourages anyone with a concern to contact the 24/7 NSW Environment Line on 131 555.

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