NSW State of the Environment 2012

List of tables

People and the Environment

Table 1.1 Average annual population increase and growth rates in NSW regions, 1981–2011

Table 1.2 Noise and alarm incidents attended by NSW Police, 2008–09 to 2010–11

Table 1.3 Net benefit of recycling one tonne of various waste materials

Table 1.4 Recycling performance by waste stream and recycling, SMA and ERA, selected years

Table 1.5 Amount of garden organics recycled in the SMA and ERA combined

Table 1.6 Total urban water volumes by source for Sydney Water, Hunter Water and LWUs

Table 1.7 Issues affecting land use in NSW

Table 1.8 Summary of recent economic assessments

Table 1.9 Area of land protected for Aboriginal cultural values




Table 3.1 Soil health indicators


Table 4.1 Storage levels at major public water storages managed by the State Water Corporation in NSW, 2006–11

Table 4.2 Examples of environmental flow rules under water sharing plans in NSW regulated rivers

Table 4.3 Environmental water delivered, 2009–10 to 2011–12

Table 4.4 Cumulative holdings of adaptive environmental water recovered to 30 June 2012 by program and valley (ML)

Table 4.5 Summary of ecosystem health and condition assessments for NSW Murray–Darling Basin rivers, 2010

Table 4.6 Summary of ecosystem health and condition assessments for NSW coastal rivers, 2011

Table 4.7 Electrical conductivity in selected NSW rivers

Table 4.8 Water quality assessment for NSW river basins from the National Water Quality Assessment, 2007–11

Table 4.9 Declines in significant NSW wetlands


Table 5.1 Number of listed threatened species, populations and ecological communities in NSW

Table 5.2 Summary of the key threatening processes listed in NSW, 2011

Table 5.3 Combined performance outputs of programs delivered regionally for natural resource management in NSW during 2010

Table 5.4 Proportion of extent modification categories that is woody or non-woody

Table 5.5 Extent of clearing of native vegetation formations in NSW since 1750

Table 5.6 Changes to pressures on NSW native vegetation, 2002–12

Table 5.7 Native vegetation report card – area of land where actions to protect or manage native vegetation in NSW have occurred

Table 5.8 Extent and types of terrestrial protected areas in NSW and changes since 2009

Table 5.9 Progress towards meeting long-term reservation objectives in NSW bioregions

Table 5.10 Areas of land subject to a private land conservation agreement in NSW at 30 June 2012

Table 5.11 Extent and severity of the threats to park values most commonly reported by NSW park managers

Table 5.12 Main introduced animal species in NSW with an impact on listed threatened species

Table 5.13 The 20 weed species posing the greatest threat to biodiversity in NSW

Table 5.14 Number of weeds in each CMA region in NSW

Table 5.15 Numbers and classes of noxious weeds listed in NSW

Table 5.16 Outbreaks of new and newly emerging weeds in NSW, 2008–09 to 2011–12

Table 5.17 Introduced fish at sampling sites

Table 5.18 Data on NSW bushfires, 2002–03 to 2010–11

Table 5.19 Fire intervals for NSW vegetation formations

Table 5.20 Area of hazard reduction management by tenure

Table 5.21 Areas of hazard reduction and bushfire in NSW national parks

Table 5.22 Causes of investigated bushfires in NSW