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New South Wales State of the Environment
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Toward Environmental Sustainability

Table 1.1 NSW per capita ecological footprint

Human Settlement

Table 2.1 Average annual population increase and growth rates, NSW regions, 1981–2002

Table 2.2 Consumption, yield and recycling across major systems

Table 2.3 Overflows from the Sydney Water sewerage system

Table 2.4 Installed NSW energy capacity (megawatts)

Table 2.5 Summary of WRAPP, 1998–2001

Table 2.6 Number of statutory heritage items

Table 2.7 Type of physical items on the State Heritage Register

Table 2.8 Registered NSW Aboriginal sites by feature

Table 2.9 Government agency responsibilities for noise issues




Table 4.1 Major agricultural land uses in NSW

Table 4.2 Annual summer cropping in the NSW Northern Tablelands catchments, 1998–2003

Table 4.3 Major forms and causes of land degradation in NSW

Table 4.4 Soil erosion rates for a variety of land uses in Australia

Table 4.5 Key assets at risk from shallow watertables in the Murray–Darling Basin

Table 4.6 Estimated areas affected by shallow watertables in the eastern Murray–Darling Basin, 2000–2050

Table 4.7 Stage 1 of the acid sulfate soil hot spots remediation program

Table 4.8 Types of contamination in sites currently regulated in NSW

Table 4.9 Former land uses of sites currently regulated in NSW


Table 5.1 Licensed entitlement of surface water in NSW by valley for irrigation and other uses, 2002

Table 5.2 Mean annual surface water use in NSW, 1996–97

Table 5.3 NSW exceedances of the Murray–Darling Basin Ministerial Council cap from 1999–2000 to 2001–02

Table 5.4 Estimated and predicted NSW river salinity, 1998–2100

Table 5.5 Mean annual groundwater use in NSW, 1996–97

Table 5.6 Groundwater salinity, yield and common uses

Table 5.7 Sediment contamination in selected NSW water bodies


Table 6.1 Changes to NSW protected areas

Table 6.2 Reported revegetation across NSW, 1995–2001

Table 6.3 Terrestrial NSW species, populations and ecological communities extinct or under threat

Table 6.4 NSW terrestrial recovery plans

Table 6.5 Main vertebrate pests and their impacts

Table 6.6 Potential benefits and risks associated with genetically modified crops

Table 6.7 Comparison of recent serious bushfire seasons

Table 6.8 Declines in wetlands

Table 6.9 Main aquatic protected areas and recent changes

Table 6.10 NSW aquatic recovery plans

Table 6.11 Introduced marine species detected in NSW ports

Table 6.12 Status of various NSW commercial fish stocks

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