Camp Gully Creek pollution investigation

We are investigating the alleged pollution of Camp Gully Creek from Metropolitan Collieries mine site in Helensburgh.

Metropolitan Collieries has started the clean-up of the creek after we issued a Clean-up Notice on Friday, 16 September requiring clean-up.

Our officers are regularly monitoring clean-up activities to ensure minimal impacts on the creek and surrounding areas. An independent ecologist prepared the clean-up approach and carried out assessments to determine the most appropriate methods.

In early September we issued a Prevention Notice to Metropolitan Collieries requiring the following immediate preventative actions

  • improving stormwater management practices and monitoring
  • increasing stormwater storage capacity
  • more stringent water quality standards prior to discharging from the site

As part of the investigation, our officers have done multiple inspections, collected water and other samples to determine the ecological impact on the creek. All samples are undergoing laboratory analysis.

We will take regulatory action if the investigation identifies breaches.