Love Food Hate Waste this festive season

This Christmas, the EPA wants to help households in NSW to create less food waste.

EPA Manager of Organics Amanda Kane said changes made at home didn’t have to be big or onerous to make a difference.

“In NSW alone, almost 1 million tonnes of food ends up in landfill each year, with the majority of this waste coming from households. Food waste is bad for the environment as well as your budget, with the average NSW household wasting about $3,805 worth of food over a year.

“A few simple changes won’t just help the environment, it’ll save you money as well,” Ms Kane said.

Some top tips for avoiding food waste this Christmas

When you fill up your fridge with food for Christmas, turn down the temperature 1 or 2 degrees to keep everything fresher while it’s so full of food, and because you’re likely to be opening the fridge more often

  • Keep things cool in the fridge until the last minute before serving and put back leftovers as soon as you can
  • Planning your meals over Christmas will save you time and money and help ensure you don’t over-cater
  • Storing food correctly will keep it fresher for longer, so you can reduce the amount of food (and money) that you throw away. It also preserves the nutrients in your food and keeps it tasting delicious.

Some storing tips for a few Christmas favourites include:


Wrap ham in a clean cotton cloth or ham bag rinsed in a solution of two cups water and two tablespoons white vinegar. Rinse out or replace the wrap every three days.  Slice leftover ham off the bone, wrap it in cling wrap, then foil and store in the fridge and it will be OK for 3-5 days and can be frozen up to 1-2 months.


  • Seafood will stay fresh longer if it’s kept cold. When shopping for seafood use a chiller bag or esky and ask your fishmonger to pack some ice with your purchase.

Custard and dairy

  • Keep custards and dairy in the fridge until just before serving and return leftovers to the fridge within two hours.

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