Keep Australia Beautiful NSW Award winners announced

NSW Environment Protection Authority CEO Tracy Mackey today congratulated all the winners at the Keep Australia Beautiful NSW 2020 Sustainable Cities Awards.

The awards recognise, celebrate and reward the sustainability initiatives of NSW metropolitan councils, businesses and community groups and are organized by Keep Australia Beautiful NSW.

Ms Mackey said the awards were deserved recognition for those promoting sustainable practices through innovative ideas.

“There are a wide variety of winners in a number of categories who have left their mark with unique ideas and have brought a positive influence to various communities. Their hard work is very much appreciated and the awards greatly deserved.”

Ms Mackey praised the variety of awards including the Don’t be a Tosser Litter Action Award which was awarded to Seaside Scavenge and the Waste Less Recycle More Award which went to joint winners Auburn Hospital Recyclers and Sutherland Shire Council.

Also among the winners was Cans for Kids led by 25-year-old Auburn resident Alexander Roberts, who works with Auburn Hospital staff to collect eligible bottles and cans from the hospital to recycle through Return and Earn.

The container refunds are used to support international charity Save the Children, with every 20 containers returned paying enough to vaccinate a child for life.

Ms Mackey said the work of Alex and Auburn Hospital was truly inspiring, demonstrating the incredible impact we can all have on our environment as well the community through our actions.

“Congratulations Cans for Kids. Not only are you helping thousands of children overseas access important medical care, but you’re also helping the environment,” Ms Mackey said.

Alex began collecting cans to raise money for children’s charities 13 years ago when he was in primary school.

He has worked closely with Auburn Hospital, especially the cleaning staff, who helped ensure that all eligible drink containers at the hospital are recycled. Currently, the container refunds provide approximately $150 per month to Save the Children.

Cans for Kids has also expanded with local businesses, social groups, sporting teams, churches, and even hospital patients and their families contributing containers.

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