EPA issues fine in the southern highlands during roadside truck compliance campaign

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) has fined a Western Sydney waste transporter $7,500 for the alleged unlawful transport of waste in the southern highlands in March this year.

The alleged offence occurred during a multi-agency roadside truck compliance campaign. EPA officers advised driver that the contents of his truck needed to be taken to a lawful waste facility.

EPA Executive Director Waste Operations Carmen Dwyer said EPA officers then witnessed the driver of the vehicle dump contaminated material at a facility not lawfully equipped to accept the waste.

“Our officers observed the driver enter a rural-residential property in the Glenquarry area and begin to unload contaminated waste from his trailer which included soil, brick, glass and fragments of asbestos,” Ms Dwyer said.

“Officers immediately stopped the driver to prevent him disposing of any more of the contaminated material from the truck.

“The driver then reloaded the truck and was directed to a lawful facility to dispose of the waste correctly.”

Ms Dwyer said the incident should remind all drivers transporting waste that they have an obligation to know what is in the back of their truck and to make sure it goes to a lawful place.

The EPA investigates all reports of suspected illegal dumping and encourages anyone with a concern, or knowledge of suspected dumping to contact the 24-hour EPA Environment Line on 131 555.

Penalty notices are one of several tools the EPA can use to achieve environmental compliance including formal warnings, official cautions, licence conditions, notices and directions and prosecutions. For more information about the EPA’s regulatory tools, see the EPA Compliance Policy at www.epa.nsw.gov.au/legislation/prosguid.htm