EPA warns Liverpool residents against accepting contaminated fill

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) and Liverpool City Council are currently warning Liverpool residents of the potential dangers of accepting fill on their land.

EPA Director of Waste Compliance Greg Sheehy said the Liverpool area was currently being targeted by dishonest operators.

“These operators are targeting the Liverpool area, particularly semi-rural and new growth suburbs, offering good quality free fill but delivering material that is contaminated,” Mr Sheehy said.

“The operators are illegally dumping this material to avoid the cost of proper disposal at a licensed waste facility.”

Mr Sheehy asked the public to report any unusual truck movements and to be vigilant and make enquiries with council before accepting any fill on their property.

“Accepting the wrong kind of fill onto your property can devalue your land and potentially harm your family’s health and the environment.

“We encourage everyone to contact Liverpool City Council before accepting fill on their property or risk being left with contaminated land and the responsibility and expense of removal and clean up.”

Additionally, the EPA encourages all landowners in Liverpool and South-West Sydney to secure their properties and be aware of large numbers of trucks entering and depositing waste soil without approval.

If you’re unsure about accepting fill on your property contact Liverpool City Council on 1300 36 2170 or call the EPA Environment Line on 131 555 during business hours.