Investigations continue into former Waratah gasworks with EPA grant

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (NSW EPA) has provided Newcastle City Council $191,015 to continue investigating potential contamination from the former Waratah Gasworks.

In June 2016, the EPA advised Newcastle City Council that a gasworks had operated in the area from   1889 – 1928 where today there are twenty residential properties and part of Ellis Road.

EPA Hazardous Incidents and Environmental Health Executive Director Sarah Gardner said the grant would be used to assess any risks to the health of the community.

“This funding allows Newcastle City Council to get a really clear picture of what contamination exists, the extent and what this might mean to residents in the area.”

“We have, and will continue to, provide the Council with advice and assistance throughout this process.”

“Former gasworks can mean that contaminants such as tars and oils may be present and these can be harmful to human health,” Mrs Gardner continued.

“These continued investigations are on top of the work already undertaken by the Council.”

The EPA allocates $2 million each year through the Contaminated Land Management Program to support the investigation and remediation of sites that may pose risks to the community and environment.

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