Environment protection legislation - short course for local government officers

The EPA offers a two-day course which has been designed to equip Authorised Officers within local government with the necessary competencies to fulfill their responsibilities as outlined in the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997.

This course is just one of a variety of training courses for authorised officers and environmental regulators as lead agency of the Professional Development & Training Program. The Program is a project of the Australasian Environmental Law Enforcement & Regulators network (“AELERT”) of which the NSW EPA is a member. For further information about AELERT please see www.aelert.net.

Courses currently on offer as part of the program include

  • Diploma in Government (Investigations) (Must partner with an RTO)
  • Certificate IV in Government (Investigations) (Must partner with an RTO)
  • Environmental Law Enforcement - Authorised Officers
  • The Protection of the Environment Operations Act
  • Investigative Interviewing & Statement Taking
  • Drafting Statutory Instruments
  • Undertaking Inspections
  • Court Procedures & Giving Evidence
  • Expert Witness
  • Checking Briefs of Evidence
  • Environmental Auditing
  • Sampling for Investigations
  • Environmental Noise
  • Investigating and Preventing Illegal Dumping
  • Surveillance Devices
  • Litter Enforcement

The training is all delivered by experienced trainers who are currently working in environmental regulation. The training materials and scenarios are based on environmental issues and situations relevant to regulatory officers, so participants can see a direct link between the training and their day to day roles.

Courses are open to all environmental regulators however there are significant savings on enrolment fees for AELERT members.

For further information or inquiries about any of the courses or the program in general, please see the website http://pdt.aelert.com.au/ or contact the EPA Training Unit on (02) 9995 6818 or email aelert@epa.nsw.gov.au.

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