Our new strategic focus

Ecologically sustainable development

We champion sustainable approaches to mitigate the cumulative impacts of industry on local communities and environments.


  • Government and industry decision-making about planning and the environment mitigates against the cumulative impact of environmental degradation.
  • Local government is supported to drive sustainability and environmental enhancement through regulation and land use planning.
  • Regulatory decisions use a ‘place-based approach’ and consider as a whole ecosystems such as water catchments, airsheds, ecological communities and climatic regions, and work with industry, our co-regulators and the community in these areas.


We take action to reduce the harmful impact of waste and drive behaviours that create a circular economy.


  • The harmful impacts of waste are reduced and waste minimised.
  • Community and industry actively contribute to a circular economy.  
  • Resilient systems and robust markets are available to keep waste materials circulating and to de-carbonise the NSW economy

Water quality

We take action to ensure sustainable and safe water for the community, ecosystems and for economic prosperity and to support cleaner waterways.


  • The supply of safe drinking water for all NSW communities is increased through cleaner waterways.
  • Water quality is improved in beaches, rivers, creeks and community water supply dams.

Legacy and emerging contaminants

We take action to prevent harm by targeting our efforts on high-risk legacy, current and emerging contaminants.



  • Our regulatory approach adapts to mitigate risks from identified emerging and legacy contaminants. The EPA is a trusted and influential source of advice for community and business about contaminants.
  • Industry is supported to identify hazards, assess the risks, and implement effective controls to protect the environment and the community from contaminants.
  • Communities are safe from harmful contaminants.

Climate change

We take action to reduce emissions, mitigate climate change impacts and build greater environmental and community resilience aligned with principles in the NSW Net Zero Plan.


  • The EPA is an active government partner on climate change policy, regulation and innovation.
  • Communities and industries are better prepared to respond to extreme weather events.
  • Industry contributes to Net Zero objectives and adapts to climate change impacts.
  • Consumers are supported to make better choices in response to the causes and impacts of climate change.
  • Government decision-making about planning and the environment mitigates against the risks and impacts of climate change.

Our systems and capabilities to achieve success

Regulatory strength and innovation

We are fundamentally changing the way we regulate.

We are building a regulatory strategy that focuses our regulatory activities and approaches to achieve the best outcomes.

Smart with data

Our decisions and actions are informed by data, science and research.

We are building a data and digital strategy that will invest in horizon scanning, intelligence, scientific analysis and data.

Powered by people

Our people are our greatest asset.

We are building a workforce strategy to develop, attract and retain the right staff with the right skills.

Influencing for positive outcomes

We influence by building and sustaining networks, coalitions and partnerships.

We are building customer service partnerships and engagement initiatives that create value and enhance our capability to solve environmental problems.

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