What we do

We manage environmental issues

We work alongside Federal, State and local governments to deliver environmental outcomes for the people of NSW.

We consult with the community, industry, business and government on a broad range of activities and issues that affect the NSW environment.

These include:

We respond to pollution incidents and emergencies

We work in collaboration with other government agencies to respond to and manage pollution incidents that involve hazardous materials. This includes:

  • determining measures to prevent and prepare for incidents that may impact on the environment
  • facilitating the protection of the environment during emergency response and recovery
  • facilitating the clean-up of land and inland waters affected by pollution incidents.

We enforce environmental regulations

  • We issue environment protection licences to control activities that could have an impact on the environment or human health, and to encourage better environmental performance.
  • We monitor emissions and compliance, conduct audits and investigate reports of pollution. If necessary we impose fines, require stricter operating conditions, impose pollution reduction programs and/or order people to clean up pollution.
  • We prosecute organisations and individuals who break NSW environmental laws. EPA prosecutions can result in heavy fines and jail sentences.
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