Bin Trim Rebates Program

Program snapshot

Category:  Business Recycling Program

Amounts: Rebates of between $1000 and $50,000 covering up to 50% of the capital cost of recycling equipment.

Eligibility: Small and medium-sized businesses with 1 to 199 full time equivalent employees, and facility managers and small-scale recyclers responsible for managing the waste of small to medium-sized businesses.

Contact: 131 555 or

Status: Applications are open

Managed by: NSW Environment Protection Authority


To increase workplace recycling, Waste Less, Recycle More provides small and medium-sized businesses with rebates covering up to 50% of the cost of small-scale, on-site recycling equipment.

How to apply

Contact a Bin Trim assessor when round 3 opens in late-2017 to get a free waste assessment. The Bin Trim assessor can determine whether your business is eligible for a rebate based on the contents of your waste bin.

Businesses that saved with the Bin Trim rebate

Rebate and equipment resources


Recycling equipment

Recycled materials

Rebate Amount ($)

4 Pines Brewing Company

Pulpmaster 5000 batch machine

Food organics

$ 27,750.00

ABC Castings

Cold sand reclamation system and dust collector

Resin and sand

$ 50,000.00

About Life

Bio-EX -food waste pre digester and a Waste to Water shredder

Food waste

$ 43,000.00

Access Industries for Disabled

Timber sorting cage, source separation bags, trolley


$ 5,355.55

ANZ Stadium

Recycling bins


$ 20,150.00

Armidale Recycling Services - Armidale Facility

500 x 50L commingled recycling crates
Bin signage
6 x drop bottom bins


$ 15,860.00

Armidale Recycling Services - Guyra Facility

4x 20m3 Skip bin
50 x 240L mobile garbage bins
1 x semi-automatic horizontal baler


$ 36,458.00

As Smart Earth Recycling

Glass collection bins and waste shredder


 $ 38,381.86

ATS Timber

WastePac 150 Baler

Plastics, cardboard

$ 5,745.00

Australian Bio Resources Pty Ltd

3 x 15,000L skip bins and feeder valve for hopper to divert the waste to the bins

Biological waste

$ 38,251.00

AWM Commercial Furniture & Joinery


Cardboard, plastic

$ 9,483.50

Big 4 Solitary Island  Resort

Commercial worm farm and bin lifter

Food, commingled

$ 6,832.00

Bin Master

WastePac 75 Baler

Cardboard, plastics

$ 3,745.00

Birdon Pty Ltd

Blast grit recycling unit

Blast medium (garnet)

$ 12,640.00

Bomaderry Bowling Club

42 x 40L Source separation recycling bins
31 x 60L source separation recycling bins


$ 2,002.07


Weight press

Cardboard, plastic film and rigid plastic

$ 6,345.00

Burchalls Transport and Recycling

Hydra-Pac Plastics Densifier


$ 13,350.00

Cafe Deluca

Milk dispenser - Juggler double milk tap system

Plastic waste (avoidance)

$ 6,750.00

Central Waste Station

Waste Initiatives Ecopress semi-automatic 70T horizontal baler

Plastics, cardboard

$ 50,000.00

Charter Hall Holdings

89 x 60L Source separation bins


$ 3,162.50

Citadel Towers

360x 60L Multisort source separation bins


$ 10,872.18

Classic Blinds and Shutters

WastePac 40 Baler

Plastic film and wrap

$ 2,995.00

Cowper Smash Repairs


Plastic film wrap, paper

$ 5,770.00

Cumberland Country Golf Club

Wood chipper

Garden organics

$ 14,318.18

Dapto Leagues Club

14 x 40L Source separation recycling bins
61 x 60L source separation recycling bins


$ 1,839.25

Dexus Property Services

210 x 60L Source separation bins


 $ 3,244.50

Dexus Wholesale Property Trust

960 x 60L Colour coded waste separation bins


$ 13,719.60

Endeavour Industries Goulburn

150 x 240L yellow lid recycling bins


$ 3,531.75

Everlast Automotive Spares


Metals, hard plastics

$ 37,965.00

Exeter General Store

360L Worm farm

Food organics

$ 1,018.00


WastePac 150 baler


$ 7,000.00

Fretus Waste Services

1 x EF 500W Baler, 12 x plastic film frames and 50 x plastic film bags

Soft plastics

$ 14,591.25

Frutex Australia

WastePac 550HD baler


$ 13,500.00

Galluzzo Fruiterers

Elephants Foot EF101 baler


$ 3,900.00

Glen Innes Royal Freemasons Masonic Village

8 x Hungry Worm worm farms

Food organics

$ 1,845.92

GMK Logistics

1 x plastic Mil-tek 306HD baler
1 x cardboard Mil-tek 306HD baler

Plastics and cardboard

$ 16,373.00

Grafton District Services Club


Cardboard, paper

$ 4,344.50

Guardian Community Early Learning Centres

10 x commercial worm farms

Food organics

 $ 2,197.74

Halcyon Cabarita Beach Pty Ltd

CLO 10 Closed Loop composting system (dehydration)

Food organics

$ 7,300.00

Handybin Waste Services - Coffs Coast Waste Services

38 x racks and 160 x bags for EPS/soft plastic collection, 70 x 80L food bins, 1,010 x 360L commingled bins

Food waste, plastic film, expanded polystyrene, mixed recyclables (aluminium foil and cans, paper and cardboard, milk and juice cartons, glass bottles and jars, steel food cans, paint cans, rigid plastic packaging no 1-5)

$ 45,348.40

Harvey Norman Bennetts Green


Plastic film wrap

$ 7,616.50

Hobson Engineering

WastePac 150 Baler


$ 6,000.00

Hoxton Industries

Plastic Baler


$ 1,250.00

Hunter Self Storage


Cardboard, plastic

$ 9,250.00

Hyrock NSW, Port Kembla site

WastePac 200 twin chamber baler


$ 12,300.00

Illawarra Childcare

Worm Farms, compost bins and recycling Bins

Food Waste, paper


Infinitus Group

EPS compactor (ESP1000) and soft film compactor (102HD)

Polystyrene, soft plastics

$ 14,559.00

Ingleburn RSL Club

15 x 40L Multisort bBins
10 x 60L red Multisort bins 
10 x 60L yellow Multisort bins
5 x 60L green Multisort bins
3 x mini desk bins


$ 1,004.75

Invenco Pty Ltd



$ 9,661.00

Jason L

EPS Compactor (ESP1000), and
LDPE Baler (102HD)

Polystyrene and soft plastics

$ 15,027.00

Jennmar Australia

24 x  60L Source separation bins


$ 1,056.00


Horizontal baler


$ 33,193.00


Hansa C13 chipper

Green waste

$ 2,431.82

Juice & Co

Soft plastic baler (Model 102)

Soft plastics

$ 3,898.50

Julianna's Buffet Restaurant

25x 40L Multisort bins
16x 60L yellow multisort bins 
11 x 60L  red Multisort bins
9 x 60L green Multisort bins
5 x Mini desk bins


$ 1,538.13

Lemon Grove Shopping Centre

9 x 60L Internal recycling bins
5 x 70L public  recycling bins
37 x 25L internal recycling bins

Commingled, paper

$ 1,636.43

Macadamia Processing Co. Ltd

WastePac 150 Baler


$ 5,745.00

McDonald’s Haberfield

1 x Mil-tek 2205s baler
3 x source separation bag stands
1 x Bottle rinse station

Cardboard, plastics

$ 7,237.50

McDonalds Tamworth East - Country Wide Legal and Business Services


Cardboard, paper and plastic packaging

$ 8,495.00

McDonalds Tamworth South - Country Wide Legal and Business Services


Cardboard, paper, plastic packaging

$ 8,495.00

McDonalds Tamworth West - Country Wide Legal and Business Services


Cardboard, paper and plastic packaging

$ 8,495.00

Milton Ulladulla Ex-Servos Club

24 x 40L Source separation recycling bins
11 x 60L source separation recycling bins


$ 1,025.75

Mirvac - Birkenhead Point Outlet Centre

9 x Louvre dual stream recycling stations
7 x 140L dual stream
4 x transparent Envirosort recycling stations


$ 38,815.37

Mirvac East Village

EPS processor/compactor


$ 17,500.00

Mirvac Harbourside Shopping Centre

6 x 60L Bottle Cyclers

Glass, commingled

$ 41,850.00

Modern Tiles Erina

Mini baler

Cardboard, plastic film

$ 3,282.15

Mollymook Beach Bowling and Recreation Club

16 x Indoor 40L Source Separation Recycling Bins
6 x Indoor 60L Source Separation Recycling Bins and
1 x Outdoor bin enclosure to house

1 x 80L general waste


$ 5,028.45

Mollymook Golf Club

22 x 40L bins and lids
43 x 60L bins and lids
2 x 90L bins and lids


$ 1,640.34

Org Group

Integrated Auger Cardboard Compactor, model TRC10-A-90.23m


$ 22,544.50

Pallet Collars Australia & Recycling Technologies Group

Nova Pellet - Wood Pellet Production Plant


$ 12,904.00

Phil Favero's The Good Guys Rockdale

Baler and EPS compactor

Expanded polystyrene, Plastic film and Cardboard

$ 14,839.50

Pittwater RSL

BIO Ez XL Organics Disposal Machine

Food organics

$ 37,500.00

Primo Moraitis Fresh

Conveyor system to support existing Pulpmaster machine

Food organics

$ 10,341.70

Recycling Technologies Group

Wood Pellet Production Plant


$ 12,904.30

Revolve your World

1 x 1260 Hotroc composter; 1 x Orwak baler; Wrightway bin lifter; 36 bins / bench and sink for organics.

Food organics, cardboard

$ 50,000.00

Rowles Site Solutions


Timber, plastic and gyprock

$ 50,000.00

Royal Prince Alfred Yacht Club

Commercial worm farm

Food organics

$ 1,285.00

Salmon & Bear (The Flying Crayfish Pty Ltd)

207L Glass crusher


$ 1,000.00

Salmon and Bear

Glass crusher


$ 1,000.00

Shoalhaven Ex-Servos Club

41 x 40L Source separation recycling bins
38 x 60L Source separation recycling bins
7 x Mini desk bins


$ 1,983.75

Smart Earth Recycling

Food waste de-packaging machine,
conveyor and bin storage


$ 27,971.00

Southern Cross Care - Southern Cross Cardinal Gilroy Village - Merrylands West


Cardboard and Paper

$ 4,344.50

Stone and Wood Brewing Company


Plastic film, cardboard

$ 5,750.00

Strata Choice

Hand dryers and bins

Paper towelling

$ 6,106.35

Superior Cores

Sand reclamation unit


$ 33,372.50

Sustainable Salons Australia

Baler and Recycling Bins  

Paper, cardboard, plastic, metals and hair

$ 17,896.50

Sydney Markets Limited

Expanded polystyrene recycling machine


$ 25,000.00

Sydney Superyacht Marina

Avalon bin enclosures for 240L recycling bins


$ 18,816.00

The Good Guys Bankstown


Expanded polystyrene, Plastic film

$ 14,839.50

The Good Guys Erina

Weight press

Expanded polystyrene

$ 10,495.00

The Good Guys Kotara

Weight press

Expanded polystyrene, plastic film

$ 14,839.50

The Grace Hotel


Cardboard, paper

$ 9,120.00

The Macadamia Castle


Cardboard, rigid plastic

$ 3,524.50

The Monavale Golf Club

Waste to Water Bio Ezi

Food organics

$ 26,000.00

Tip Top ‘n’ Tidy Waste Services

3 x Hook-lift bins 15 x Front Lift Bins 15 x Front Lift Bins

Timber, commingled, paper and cardboard

$ 49,500.00

Tradies Caringbah and Tradies Helensburgh

6 x 30L Multisort bins
30 x 60L Multisort bins
3 x 60L Multisort trollies


$ 1,459.26

Trueform Frames and Trusses

2 x Open Top Tipler bins


$ 1,910.00

Turramurra Plaza Shopping Centre

14 x 60L Multi-sort recycling bins
2 x Multi-sort trolley stations
1 x 2,700L Organics waste holding tank
10 x 23L food waste bins

Food waste

 $ 4,156.58

Twin City Recyclers

4 in 1 front end loader bucket


$ 1,950.00

UniBar, University of Wollongong

4 x 60L Multi-sort triple stream bins
12 x 60L Grey source separation bins
5 x 60L Green source separation bins
5 x 60L Yellow source separation bins
5 x 60L Red source separation bins


$ 3,812.33


Juggler double milk tap system

Plastic waste avoidance

$ 1,575.00

Walsh Architectural Salvage

Band Saw

Timber reuse

$ 1,302.50

Warilla Bowls & Recreation Club

Recycling bins and trollies

Food waste, paper, plastic, glass, cardboard and metals

$ 3,102.30

Warrigal Blinds

WastePac  Baler
2 x 660L recycling bins

Cardboard, plastic

$ 6,609.03

Warrigal Care

Recycling bins and can crusher

Cardboard, paper, plastic and metals

$ 4,989.50

Wollongong Recycling and Building Supplies

6 x Hooklift Durabin of various sizes


$ 21,900.00

Woonona Bulli RSL Club

Recycling bins and trollies

Food waste

$ 1,002.90



Soft plastics

 $ 2,995.00

YMCA of Sydney

3 x 120L Eco Elegance recycling Bins


$ 1,020.00

Yumaro Incorporated

Recycling conveyor belt


$ 16,710.00

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