Love Food Hate Waste education

Program snapshot

Category: Organics Infrastructure Fund

Amounts: Total of $1.4 million; individual grants: $5,000 to $70,000

Eligible bodies: Local councils, non-governmental organisations, community groups, and not-for-profit organisations

Contact: 1300 361 967 or

Status:  Round 4 has closed

Managed by: NSW Environmental Trust


Love Food Hate Waste grants support eligible partner organisations to deliver projects that help households and businesses reduce the amount of edible food they waste.

Information session

The NSW EPA hosted a Grants Writing Workshop for organisations interesting in applying for a Love Food Hate Waste grant. This session allowed applicants to work directly on their application with assistance from EPA staff.

For information from the event please email the Love Food Hate Waste team

What will be funded?

The grants focus on delivering behaviour change projects, especially for the following target groups:

  • young people aged 18–24
  • people earning more than $100,000 a year
  • families with young children
  • small-to-medium businesses in the hospitality and food retail sectors.

Projects must focus one of the program’s key behaviours which are:

  • planning meals
  • writing and shopping to a list
  • checking what you have at home
  • checking use-by and best-before dates
  • measuring serving sizes
  • storing food correctly
  • using leftovers.

How to apply

Round 4 has closed.

Information about Round 4 can also be found on the Environmental Trust website.

Past recipients

Round 1 allocated $356,797 to 10 projects. View project summaries.  

Round 2 allocated $237,684 to 8 projects. View project summaries.

Round 3 allocated $324,210 to 10 projects. View project summaries.

Round 4 allocated $214,125 to 7 projects. View project summaries.

More information

Waste and Resource Recovery Branch
Organics Unit
Phone: (02) 9995 5000


Visit: Love Food Hate Waste website or Facebook page.

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