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Online waste tracking advice to new users

IMPORTANT: The online tracking system uses pop-up screens. Please make sure that the pop-up blocker on your web browser is switched off when using the tracking system. If your virus protection software has a pop-up blocker, make sure that pop-up blocker is also switched off.

If you have just received your user account details, the following information should assist you to start using the online waste tracking system. The system is designed to be simple to use and most users have no problem once they are familiar with the basics.

If you are unfamiliar with waste tracking concepts and requirements, refer to the waste tracking section of this website.

If you need help when first using the system, you can:

If there are already other people using the system in your workplace, ask them – some waste companies have nominated ‘master users’ who will be able to help you use the system in the context of the company’s business processes.

It is recommended that you change your password when you first log in. You can change your password from the ‘EPA online applications profile’ screen, displayed immediately after the ‘log in successful’ screen. Select ‘Change password’ from the green left hand sidebar menu and follow the instructions.

To enter the online waste tracking system, select ‘OWT – Online waste tracking’ on the ‘EPA online applications profile’ screen. The first screen displayed when the online waste tracking system is opened is the ‘Existing transport certificate (TC)’ screen.

This screen contains a number of features which are common to many of the screens in the online tracking system:

  • The green left hand sidebar menu – use this menu to select the function you want to use (e.g. to create a new consignment authorisation (CA), select ‘consignment authorisation’ in sidebar menu and then select ‘New CA’.
  • Text boxes for entering data – these boxes allow you to enter data by either selecting from a list of options (e.g. ’Waste code’ or ‘Status’) or entering data (e.g. ‘CA no.’ or ‘Consignor’). Some text boxes require data to be entered in a specific format, notably phone numbers [(99) 9999 9999 or 0410 999999] and ABN [99 999 999 999].
  • Search screens, such as the ‘Existing transport certificate (TC)’ screen often contain multiple search criteria. In most cases, you can enter data into as many of the search criteria as you want. The system will usually accept partial data in search criteria (e.g. for ‘TC no.’, ‘51234’ is acceptable for TC number ‘2T00051234’) – wild cards are not required.
  • The Status field is important as this field is used to track waste on TCs and determine the validity of CAs.
  • Function buttons, such as ‘Search’ and ‘Clear’ which will, if selected, undertake the action indicated.
  • Error messages – when you select a function button, the system will undertake a number of data validity and other checks to identify any errors. If any errors are detected, an error message is displayed in red near the top of the screen.

For instructions on how to perform specific functions, select Help in the left hand sidebar menu.

Page last updated: 11 November 2014