Phase two transition package

A proposed transition package has been developed to assist the Alternative Waste Treatment (AWT) industry to transition to sustainable resource recovery practices for household general waste and organics found in mixed waste.

Since October 2018, the EPA has been providing support to minimise the risk to kerbside collection services and ensure that any additional landfill costs are not passed on to councils or ratepayers. This existing phase one transition package is being extended until 28 February 2020. 

The EPA has now developed a further transition package for consultation. The phase two transition package aims to help the alternative waste treatment industry to progress to more sustainable resource recovery uses for household general waste.

The proposed transition package includes funding for AWT operators to undertake research and development into alternative products and end markets for household general waste and to make required infrastructure changes to their facilities to produce these products. It also includes funding for AWT operators to introduce a processing line for source separated food and/or garden organics (FOGO) collections. 

The proposed package consists of three streams of funding

Stream 1 - Organics Infrastructure (large and small) (Contestable)
Stream 2 – AWT Transition Infrastructure Grant (Contestable)
Stream 3 - AWT Research & Development for Mixed Waste Transition Grant (Non-contestable) 

The package will be refined through public consultation.

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