Radiation Security Assessor application fees

Accreditation fees

The accreditation fee can be calculated by using the tables below.


  1. A simple application is one where the applicant meets all the qualification criteria and supplies all relevant documentation.
  2. Applications sent to the Radiation Advisory Council (RAC) are usually complex, e.g. where there may be no existing criteria set for gaining an accreditation or the applicant does not meet the existing criteria.
  3. Please note: a credit card payment fee of 0.4% applies.

Accreditation application - fees

Table 1: Accreditation fees for a new application

$464 new application

An additional fee of $232 applies if referred to Radiation Advisory Council 

Renewal of accreditation - fees

Table 2: Accreditation renewal fee


Accreditation renewal (1 year)

Variation of accreditation - fees

Table 3: Accreditation variation fees

$116      Simple variation

Non-Standard (complex) application fees - When an application is referred to the Radiation Advisory Council an additional fee of $232 applies.

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