Radiation management licence - transition arrangements

Each existing sell and/or possess licence or registration will convert to individual management licences on the 1 July 2013. All holders will be immediately covered and, therefore, their licences will comply with the new regulation.

Each new management licence will take on the expiry date of the current sell and/or possess licence or registration. There is no need to renew your newly converted management licence until it reaches its expiry date (the date the licence or registration was due to expire on before it was converted).

The EPA will then commence a process of identifying the single management licence holder for each group of registrations and in some cases holders of multiple sell and/or possess licences.

The person or organisation that is considered to be the management licence holder will then be advised in writing of all the regulated material that is covered by their new management licences.

The expiry dates of all existing sell and/or possess licences and registrations for each management licence will then be averaged, and this will used to calculate a single date for the expiry of all previously issued sell and/or possess licences and registrations held by that person or organisation. This expiry date will be communicated to that person or organisation.

In this way management licence holders will not be disadvantaged by paying for new management licences before the averaged expiry date of all of the sell and/or possess licences and registration that they have already paid for.

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