Occasional use exemptions

If you only use 1080 and pindone occasionally for agricultural or forestry operations, you may be exempt from the usual training requirements, provided you are supervised by a person with appropriate training. 

Conditions for these exemptions are specified in Clause 32(2)(e) of the Pesticides Regulation 2017 and in the pesticide control orders (PCOs) for 1080 and pindone.

For this exemption to apply, the person supervising you must hold an AQF level 3 qualification, and must

  • select the pesticide
  • prepare the pesticide for use
  • calibrate and test the equipment used to apply the pesticide before use (not relevant if 1080 baits are applied by hand)
  • instruct you in how to apply the pesticide

In addition, you must

  • only apply the pesticide using hand-held and hand-powered equipment (application by hand is acceptable)
  • only use pesticides, including 1080 or pindone baits, on an 'occasional' basis in agricultural or forestry operations – ‘occasional’ means no more than 12 days in the previous 12 months

Remember, this exemption only applies to pesticide use in agricultural or forestry operations.

Supervisor requirements

Only someone who holds a current AQF level 3 qualification (as specified under the 1080 and pindone PCOs), can supervise an untrained person’s use of 1080 and pin done by the untrained person.

The supervisor does not have to live or work on the property where the pesticide is used, but they must meet the above requirements and provide adequate supervision. This could include

  • being available in case the untrained user has questions
  • checking back with them to make sure the baits were correctly placed

Note: The exemption does not allow persons who have completed the 1080 and pindone course to supervise untrained persons.

Legal obligations

Everyone involved in the decision-making for the use of a pesticide

  • is responsible for ensuring proper use
  • may share criminal liability if the pesticide is misused

If you are supervising pesticide use, you must ensure that your actions or omissions do not result in the person you are supervising committing an offence under the Pesticides Act or Regulation.

For more information, see shared liability obligations.

Please note:  The EPA has prepared this document as a guide only. It is not intended to be an exhaustive guide to the use of 1080 or pindone without training. Businesses and individuals are encouraged to seek their own legal and other expert advice.

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