Interim construction noise guideline

The EPA sets noise limits in environment protection licences to minimise noise from construction. The Interim construction noise guideline guides the EPA in setting appropriate conditions in licences, and also helps councils to decide whether to approve proposed local construction projects.

The guideline

  • presents ways of assessing noise from construction activities
  • advises on best practice approaches to minimise noise

An information sheet (PDF 57KB) explaining the key features of the guideline was prepared in 2009 by the then Department of Environment and Climate Change.

Alternatives to 'beeper alarms' for construction equipment

The EPA funded research into alternatives to reversing 'beeper alarms' for use on construction equipment, as this issue was raised by some stakeholders who commented on the draft construction noise guideline. Marion Burgess and Matthew McCarty from the Acoustics and Vibration Unit, University of NSW at the Australian Defence Force Academy in Canberra developed Review of alternatives to 'beeper' alarms for construction equipment (PDF 1.3 MB). They put forward the alternative of using a broadband alarm on mobile construction equipment, among other recommendations.

Hear and compare the broadband alarm sound (MP3 167KB) and beeper alarm sound (MP3 165KB).

Note that the information, opinions and recommendations expressed in this publication are not necessarily those of the EPA and do not represent the agency's policy.


When blasting is used, for example, to construct a new road or a mining or quarrying project, the EPA recommends assessing blasting overpressure and ground vibration in accordance with the Australian and New Zealand Environment Council's Technical basis for guidelines to minimise annoyance due to blasting overpressure and ground vibration (PDF 260KB).

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