Assessing compliance

The EPA’s Compliance Plan sets out all compliance priorities for the agency, including those for forestry, and reports on significant regulatory achievements.

The Compliance Plan aims to

  • provide transparency for industry and the broader community about the EPA’s compliance activities
  • raise the community’s environmental awareness
  • encourage compliance among EPA licensees
  • maintain and improve environmental outcomes associated with the activities the EPA regulates

Forestry compliance priorities

The forestry compliance priorities in the EPA’s Compliance Plan have been determined using

  • available data and intelligence
  • recent compliance findings
  • issues important to the community

They provide an opportunity to focus EPA effort on resolving these issues.

Compliance work deriving from compliance priorities may include

  • audits and inspections
  • policy and legislative reform
  • stakeholder engagement
  • awareness raising
  • voluntary action
  • enforcement

Forestry compliance priorities are reviewed annually.

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