Private native forestry information

What is private native forestry?

Private native forestry or ‘PNF’ is logging native vegetation or forest management operations (such as thinning) on private property for timber production. In NSW, private native forestry must deliver ecologically sustainable forest management outcomes.

Where can I find the laws which now regulate private native forestry?

PNF is regulated under Part 5B of the Local Lands Services Act 2013. This sets out a requirement to seek approval from the Local Lands Service to undertake PNF. In addition, the Act requires all native forestry operations on private land to comply with the environment protection and forestry management rules set out in regionally based Private Native Forestry Codes of Practice.

Who regulates private native forestry?

Local Land Services (LLS) are responsible for approval and extension services for private native forestry. The EPA is responsible for compliance and enforcement of PNF Plans and the PNF Codes of Practice.

Can I have a PNF plan and operate under the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2017?

The Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code regulates certain types of land clearing for pasture or cropping on privately-held rural land in NSW. It is prohibited from being used on land subject to a PNF plan.

Can I use the Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2017 to clear for forestry?

No. The Land Management (Native Vegetation) Code 2017 does not authorise clearing of native vegetation for forestry operations, nor clearing on land subject to a PNF Plan.

Can I clear for allowable activities on land subject to a PNF Plan?

Landholders can carry out most allowable activities, on land subject to a PNF Plan. Some restrictions apply to land subject to a PNF plan, and landholders should review Schedule 5A of the Local Land Services Act 2013, or seek advice from the Local Lands Service.

What penalties apply?

Penalties for breaching a PNF Plan or PNF Code are the same amount as for a clearing offence under the Local Land Services Act 2013. On the spot fines are $15,000 for a corporation and $5,000 for an individual.

Where can I find more information?

For more information on private native forestry approvals, contact Local Land Services.

Questions about private native forestry compliance and enforcement or the Government’s reforms to native forestry regulation should be directed to

More information is available on private native forestry in NSW.

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