Preparing a private native forestry property vegetation plan

If you want to undertake private native forestry operations on your land, you must work with the EPA to prepare a private native forestry plan (PNF Plan) before beginning. A PNF Plan clearly defines where you can log or conduct other forestry activities and which areas must be protected and left undisturbed.

What does a private native forestry plan contain?

A PNF Plan is a legal agreement between you and the EPA. It.contains a satellite image or aerial photograph of a property that identifies

  • the approved area for forestry operations
  • areas that must be protected such as rainforest, old growth forest, threatened species habitat and drainage features

It also contains an agreement stating PNF operations will be conducted in accordance with the PNF Code of Practice.

A PNF Plan is prepared with a forest operation plan, and can be valid for up to 15 years.

Getting an approved property vegetation plan

Step 1: Liaise with the EPA

Contact the EPA and provide

  • a basic overview of your PNF proposal
  • property ownership details
  • a description of the property 

Step 2: EPA provides sketch map and draft agreement

The EPA’s sketch map contains any areas of old growth forest and rainforest in the EPA database that are on your land. Forestry operations cannot be conducted in these areas.

Step 3: Delineate the area of proposed forestry operations

On the EPA’s sketch map, mark the area of proposed forest operations and return the map to the EPA.

If you disagree with the assessment of old growth forest and rainforest areas on the map, apply to the EPA for a revised assessment.

Step 4: EPA provides final map and agreement

Unless you have applied for a reassessment of old growth forest and rainforest areas, the EPA provides the final PNF Plan for you to sign. Send the signed PNF Plan to the EPA.

Step 5: EPA approves final private native forestry property vegetation plan

The EPA approves the PNF Plan.

You may now commence forestry operations.

Note that details of all approved PNF Plans are listed in the public register.

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