Reducing illegal dumping at charity donation bins and shops

NSW’s charitable recycling sector plays a crucial role in the re-use of household items, textiles and other goods across the state. It offers people an opportunity to dispose of unwanted goods, diverting them from landfill or, potentially, from being illegally dumped.


The EPA is committed to working with charitable recyclers to help reduce the amount of illegal dumping at donation bins and shops, and has released an Action Plan (PDF 1194KB) outlining how we will reduce this type of illegal dumping using the same six approaches implemented in the NSW Illegal Dumping Strategy 2017-21. These are

  1. building an evidence base
  2. stakeholder engagement and capacity building
  3. education and awareness
  4. prevention and infrastructure
  5. regulation and enforcement
  6. evaluation and monitoring.

The EPA will continue to encourage responsible donation behaviour, promoting the public to think about the quality of their donated items, to help reduce dumping around charity bins and shopfronts and contribute to the Government's target to reduce all types of illegal dumping by 30% by 2020.

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